About Us

Goze Products, LLC ( GOZE ) a brookyn based company is different than all your typical manufacturers and distributors. We attribute our rapid growth to the fact that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. At GOZE we take pride of our service to treat everyone, our vendors, employess, and our customers with respect and care that they ALL deserve. 

We like to consider ourselves old school in the manner of offering a WHITE GLOVE experience in all aspects of our business. Please see below a few aspects of our business and how we bring unique value to our suppliers and customers.

Our Brand:
Any product that is sold under our brand has passed multiple stages of quality control. We do not rely on outside companies to check our partner factories, we personally verify that all products being produced are from the highest quality and design.

Our Suppliers:
We value the relationship we have with some of the greatest distributors and manufacturers in the world. Our goal is to not just be a customer, but to be a partner and bring value to our suppliers. We are always finding ways to better position and promote their products, so that they can see and reach their goals.

Our Customers:
All our efforts are judged by our customers and their loyalty. We offer the highest standards of customer service, and continuously strive for better. We listen to the feedback from our customers, to help us better serve you! We thank our customer for their loyalty and support, and enabling us to keep supplying them products that they need, with quality they want, and at affordable prices that they deserve!



We look forward to working together for the long and prosperous future!